Students enjoying sea-kayaks around Banks Peninsula.
Students always enjoy the school camp.

There are many things to do and places to visit in the city and around Christchurch. The beaches are close for summer swimming and water sports, and in the winter skifields are just a short trip from the city.

The staff at SCLI and host parents help students to find and join sports clubs, gyms and culture clubs, and enrol for music tuition. SCLI also offers a range of after-school clubs, eg. dance, guitar, choir. Evening classes at local high schools are affordable and offer students a chance to experience many new activities.

There are three holiday periods during the year. Students can join an organised tour to different parts of the South Island in each of these holidays. Independent travel (2 or more students) is also possible later in the year as your English improves. All travel is carefully planned with the help of families and staff. Accommodation and transport are pre-booked to ensure students are able to complete their travel in safety. SCLI is mindful of the fact that we are in loco parentis and that the students while in New Zealand are still students of their Japanese high school.

SCLI students have the chance to share Japanese culture with primary-school students.
Unspoiled wilderness for everyone to appreciate
Staff like to share their musical interests with students!
Students have opportunities to share Japanese culture with local primary students