The course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of young women who are yet to complete their high school education. Our aim is to provide a high standard of English in all skill areas to facilitate entry to chosen universities on high school graduation.

Language learning at SCLI is a pleasurable experience and classroom work is varied and interesting, with an emphasis on active participation.

The school day is from 9.15a.m. until 2.45p.m., and the course runs for 40 weeks. There are 9 weeks holiday, coinciding with the New Zealand national school holidays. This allows students to travel, as well as spend time with their host families.

The day is organised as follows:

9.15 - 12.15:

A text book based course focusing on grammatical proficiency and confidence building as well as the development of vocabulary and communication skills. Students are encouraged to actively use the language.

1.15 - 2.45:

A topics based course, aimed at developing skills in all four areas : speaking, listening, reading and writing. Topics are chosen to reflect the students’ age and interests. The content aims at expanding students’ general knowledge and providing greater insight into New Zealand culture through the study of English.

Examination classes: students are prepared for the TOEIC examination which is offered in February on the completion of the SCLI course. TOEFL is also offered on demand.

Extention activities: music, crafts, sports, visits to the wider community and invited speakers. All these activities provide extra enjoyment to the school day and expand the students' cultural and language learning opportunities.


SCLI has a carefully prepared internal assessment programme which allows teachers and students to monitor progress throughout the year. There are 5 major tests, 2 examination periods and minor tests at regular intervals. Reports are sent to students’ schools and parents three times a year. The assessment timetable is available at the beginning of the year.